Nexus Alpha Ltd

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Nexus Alpha has over fifteen years of experience in supplying computer applications and managed services to the public transport sector.

Whilst our clients tend to be the transport operators, the information that our systems distribute and present is used by millions of both regular and occasional users of public transport throughout the United Kingdom.

We supply systems to all the franchised train operating companies as well as to Network Rail, Northern Ireland Railways, Transport for London, London Underground, Docklands Light Railway and the SPT Subway.

Our systems operate 24/7 and are monitored continuously ensuring that when information is needed it's ready and available.

Our Tyrell messaging tools are used to help manage information flow, ensuring that both staff and the travelling public are well informed and able to react to any train service disruption.

We also supply products and services for direct use by the public. You can find information about these on this site. We've created information about these for our clients and for the users of public transport. In particular, we've included details about our JourneyCheck and JourneyCheck Alerts services for the millions of you that make use of them.

Please do Contact Us with any questions about any of our products and services, whether you are a transport operator and are interested in buying them, or whether you make use of them as part of your regular commute to and from work. We are always keen for feedback and any thoughts you may have that may, in turn, help you.